There are alternatives when it comes to choosing the best way to label your produce. Questions you might ask:

1. Will the company offering the equipment take responsibility for both the machine and the labels for the machine?
Having one source responsibility has proven critical in the produce labeling industry. There should be no question who is responsible for the performance of your system. When the labels and the machine are designed to go together, you are assured the best performance with the fewest problems. One supplier for both means only one call for all your questions and needs.

2. How widely distributed is the equipment you are considering?
Dealing with a company that sells and distributes equipment in more than just one geographic area is a plus for you. It means that experience, parts, supplies, and maintenance services are available in more than just one location. 

3. How many packinghouses are using the equipment you are considering?
A company with a wide base of customers means you will have ongoing availability of parts and service. When a system is in wide use, it is economically viable for the provider to continue to manufacture parts and provide service. Avoid suppliers  offering  limited installations.  The companies that sold those systems often stop servicing and supplying parts because they can not afford to support a limited market. With Pro Label, you can be sure of continued support - now in our third decade!

4. What are the long-term economics of a particular system?
When choosing a produce labeling system, the best decision is the one that yields the lowest cost with the least maintenance. The Pro Label system is by far the least costly major produce labeling system supplier. Many of our customers have used their systems for twenty years. The simplicity of our system and the fact that it is built to last will mean years of cost-savings for you.