Pro Label International has been serving the fruit and vegetable packers and growers of the USA, Canada, and Mexico since 1994. In fact many of the original installations are still in place over 20 years later meeting our customers’ labeling needs and continuing to save them money. 

Our machines were developed to accomplish a simple objective: Place a label on a piece of produce in the simplest, most cost effective way. You have seen other systems that require careful maintenance and expensive contracts. Our approach is different - Look at our machines. You’ll see that there are few moving parts. And the ones that do move are made easy to service right in the packing house. They are designed to provide years of breakdown free operation.

Over 100 packinghouses use our equipment every single day. We do it all for the customer. We still install, setup, and service all of the equipment that we sell. We will even help you design your own label. We will help you with:

· Recommending the best equipment for your operation

· Producing and printing of your labels

· Graphics and label design

· Assistance with PLU ‘s (price lookup codes)

· Assigning product codes for use with your GTIN